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Protek A Molex Company

Ireland-based contract engineering design and manufacturing firm specializes in cleanroom injection molding, assembly and other custom solutions for medical device OEMs 

LISLE, IL – May 19th, 2015 Molex Incorporated, a global manufacturer of complete interconnect solutions, announced today the acquisition of ProTek Medical Ltd. by Molex Ireland Holdings B.V.  Headquartered in Sligo, Ireland, ProTek Medical Ltd. specializes in supplying custom solutions for medical device manufacturers in the global medical industry.

NUI Galway spin-out company, NVP Energy recently won two innovation awards in April for their wastewater treatment technology. The technology was licensed from NUI Galway in 2013 following a number of years of research and development activity by Professor Vincent O’Flaherty and his research group.

The novel technology treats wastewater and produces surplus energy at the same time. Prior to the introduction of this technology, the process required significant electricity input and produced large quantities of sludge requiring treatment and disposal. NVP Energy’s technology however, the Lt-AD, is energy positive. The sludge generated from treating the wastewater is harnessed to produce a biogas which gives off energy greater than the energy required to operate the LT-AD. The result of this is that the process of treating the wastewater produces more energy than it consumes, which benefits the environment as well as the users of the Lt-AD.

NUI Galway has appointment David Murphy as its new Director of Technology Transfer. The Technology Transfer Office at NUI Galway is responsible for supporting innovation and commercialization on campus. Supports are provided to both NUI Galway researchers interested in exploring the commercial potential of their inventions and to businesses at a range of development stages, from start-ups looking to grow, to multinationals looking for research opportunities. 

Most recently David was Vice President, Innovation, Communications and External Relations with Fidelity Ireland where he established their European center for applied technology, corporate social responsibility and communication programs as well as leading R&D incentive, innovation, patent, and academic collaboration programs. David joined Fidelity Investments in 2004 as site leader for Fidelity’s Galway facility with responsibility for business development and software delivery programs.

The Ignite Technology Transfer Office would like to congratulate Pocket Anatomy, on their nomination for an award by the American Heart Association. The awards will take place at the Alexandria Centre, overlooking Manhattan’s East River on April 22nd 2015.      

Pocket Anatomy is the ‘Google Earth of the Human Body’. The flagship app depicts the human anatomy in incredible detail. With nine layers of musculoskeletal, neurovascular, and internal organ visual content, and over 100,000 words of learning material, it is used as a teaching aid by over 250,000 students and educators, from middle school to med school. As well as this it is used by doctors to improve patient care. It has been proven that patients will forget much of what they are told by doctors or misunderstand their condition or treatment. Pocket Anatomy allows the doctor to explain with the aid of a detailed and interactive map of the body, improving patient understanding and quality of care. Pocket Anatomy have also developed specialized apps, focusing in great detail on the anatomy of the heart and the brain, as well as a version tailored specifically to cater towards educating middle-school and high-school students in the human anatomy.

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