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FBM is based in NUI Galway’s Business Innovation Centre, centrally located on the thriving 3rd level campus.  The company offers a range of services related to the electronic side of product development:  this can be a short investigation to define the specification, the design of a prototype for “proof of concept”, or a complete design to production readiness.  Our customers range from very early start-ups to large multi nationals in various sectors, basically anyone who needs electronic design expertise.

We assist our customers to;

  • formalize the initial concept with a comprehensive functional specification;
  • we produce first spin prototypes; 
  • we arrange small pre-production runs for test and evaluation; 
  • we manage production support by providing sub-version control of software builds and libraries for design files as product evolves; 

Our story on the - Smart Battery Analyser

We were successfully awarded an Innovation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland and engaged with the technology transfer office in relation to the inspection of a block of IP that had been developed by Professor Ger Hurley and his team in NUI Galway’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  The collaboration with Prof Hurley and his team made possible by the use of the Innovation Voucher meant that we were able to avail of expertise, facilities and equipment and gain understanding of the technology. 

The IP relates specifically to the area of Battery Analysis.  Prof Hurley’s team have developed and successfully patented a process whereby the state of health of a battery can be determined very quickly.  Up to now, to accurately measure this figure relating to the battery’s actual performance ability required the battery to be disconnected and put through a range of time consuming tests – for example a complete discharge / charge cycle. 

Short Term Investigative License

During the lifetime of the Innovation Voucher, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) work with us on a fixed term license which gave us access and permission to use the IP which had been developed by Prof. Hurley’s team.  The purpose of this agreement was simply to allow us to examine the practicalities of developing a device which could be used to implement the IP.  The project was a success and we have now developed a platform on which further product development and customisation can take place. 

Full Commercialisation License

Leading on from the success of the investigative phase of the project, NUI Galway and FBM have agreed terms and put in place a comprehensive license to commercialise the IP. This will result in the spinning out of new company (Pulse Battery Management) dedicated to the development of a range of products to be brought to the market. 

Our new product

The FBM Smart Battery Analyser evaluates the STATE OF HEALTH of a battery in less than a minute. SOH testing is the only true measure of a battery’s worth.

Built on patented technology which was developed from years of intensive research carried out at NUIG the FBM Smart Battery Analyser is the result of a true symbiosis between NUI Galway and Private Enterprise.


This has been a very successful collaboration all round and FBM & NUI Galway look for forward to continued research and development together. The company is delighted to be housed in the NUI Galway Business Innovation Centre availing of the super business supports offered by the Ignite Technology Transfer office.

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