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Dr. Ruairi Friel CEO of Westway Health/Slainte Beoga Teoranta (Galway) said "The lack of effectiveness of antibiotics and the growing rise of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, such as MRSA, is a major concern. The WHO has described this as an 'increasingly serious threat to global public health'. As such, there is an urgent need for novel, effective treatments against bacteria."

Enter Westway Health, a start-up company from NUI Galway, which is developing such a solution.   Based upon almost 10 years of research from the laboratory of Prof Vincent O'Flaherty, at NUI Galway, they have developed and are commercialising a suite of non-antibiotic technologies effective at killing all microorganisms. Dr Friel explains "These technologies have a range of applications in human health, animal health and for environmental sterilisation, in eliminating and eradicating microorganisms, such as bacteria, yeast and fungi. The lead product in their pipeline is for the treatment of bovine mastitis".

Chief Scientific Officer, Prof Vincent O'Flaherty explained "current mastitis treatments involve antibiotics; these are unsatisfactory - they are not always effective, bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics, and to avoid antibiotics entering the human food chain, the milk must be discarded during treatment and cannot be sold or consumed for a number of days afterwards. Our technology avoids these problems, allowing for a potentially effective zero withdrawal treatment, that is, allowing farmers to treat mastitis and sell their milk throughout treatment - becoming the world's first such product". More information: http://www.westwayhealth.com/

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