Technology transfer and knowledge transfer
The Innovation Office is responsible for providing assistance and support to the NUI Galway research community in order to protect any inventions created at NUI Galway. Using our technology transfer and knowledge transfer expertise, we also support the creation of new companies or technology licenses.

There is a separate section on this site about IP if you need a basic introduction. Here we will give an overview of what's involved in identifying, projecting and commercialising IP.

Identifying IP

We help hundreds of researchers, academics, and students each year to identify IP in their work. 


Training is provided to principal investigators and researchers with the aim of creating awareness of intellectual property (IP), of how to record it (lab notebooks), of how to identify IP, how to protect it, the obligations of the inventors with regard to their research contracts and the University’s IP Policy.

IP Monitoring and Scouting

This activity involves monitoring research projects for potential IP through regular meetings with PIs and their researchers. Larger (particularly SFI and EI funded) projects may have a formal IP committee which also supports this activity.

Invention Disclosure Form

On identifying IP an Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) is completed. The IDF is the formal point of entry of a technology to the Innovation Office.  You can find this document here.  (If you are asked for a password use your and your usual password for email etc.)


The next step is the evaluation of commercial potential and due diligence regarding ownership and access rights to the idea, and necessary background IP.


The next activity in the process is to review and select the most appropriate means of protecting the idea. Several factors such as stage of idea development, novelty, prior art, funding, commercial exploitability are used to select the most appropriate course of protection.

Drafting and Filing

The inventor, patent agent and commercialisation executive work closely together to draft a specification that captures both the idea and its commercial applications.

Patent Management

There are several stages of patent filing in different jurisdictions that require management and defensive material is prepared where appropriate. In some cases, attendance at hearings with the patent offices is required. Patent support is provided by NUI Galway's Innovation Office where appropriate.

Trademark Management

The Innovation Office  is responsible for the trademark registration process for NUI Galway and maintaining records of same.

Technology Development

The Innovation Office then helps to identify the most appropriate funding opportunity for the technology and supports the inventor throughout the application process.

Value Proposition

A value proposition is one of the most critical elements in an IP marketing campaign. It tells third parties why they should license from you or partner with you. The more specific the offer is in terms of benefits to the customer, the better.

Partner Identification and Development

The value proposition is defined in a technology capsule which gives a brief non confidential introduction to the technology, and its benefits over existing solutions. Key players are identified by market analysis and route to market. Depending on the stage of technology development the partner may require the technology to be validated in a specific environment. A project plan and funding requirements may need to be developed.

Deal Negotiation and Execution

An initial heads of agreement outlining the key terms to be agreed is circulated and discussed. Later more detailed agreements are drafted and negotiated and finally the Innovation Office arrange royalty payments monitor milestone payments thereafter.