Enzyme Tool for Analysing Complex Polysaccharides

The global markets of therapeutic biologics is estimated to grow to $252 Billion by 2017. Analysis of sugars attached to such proteins is a key part of their production QA/QC. This analysis is highly complex and challenging. This NUIG technology describes an effective method of analysing oligomannose and high mannose structures and is superior to other solutions on the markets allowing for a precise cleavage of sugars for onward analysis.

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Novel Biomarker for Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis and Prognosis

Multiple Myeloma is a highly prevalent disease accounting for 1-2% of all cancers, with a market size for treatments estimated to grow to $7 billion by 2020. This technology will prove to be extremely valuable in fighting this disease.

Advantages over current technologies include: 

  • Ability to predict relapse/refractory disease potential and patient survival rates.
  • Used to guide treatment options.
  • Potential to serve as a novel disease-specific drug target.

View brochure here: Novel Biomarker for Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis and Prognosis

Novel Marker for the Isolation of Pure Mesenchymal Stem Cell populations

MSCs are being developed to treat a host of human diseases, however they are present in extremely small numbers in the body. This technology allows for the effective and efficient isolation and purification of these rare cells, over 700 times more effective than current technologies, revolutionising the field.

View the brochure here: Novel Marker for Isolation of Pure Mesenchymal Stem Cell populations brochure

OSNA (Open Sensor Network Authentication)

M2M security is an emerging field which looks at vulnerabilities of computer-controlled, highly automated environments. Security here is relatively underdeveloped compared to traditional networks but it is just as important. OSNA offers a suite of tools to enhance the security of smart objects, their data and the networks in which they operate. It adapts existing security concepts to satisfy the demand for security solutions for M2M networks.

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Semi-Automated Whole Blood Screening of Immuno-modulatory Activity of Compounds

Many similar immunoassays currently exist. However, these are labour and time-intensive. This technology provides a vast improvement on this. The global market for immunoassays is expected to reach $9 billion by 2015. A more efficient solution to the problem has the potential to take a considerable market share. This is that solution.

View the brochure here: Semi-Automated Whole Blood Screening of Immuno-modulatory Activity of Compounds

Serum-Free Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture Medium

Animal serum is currently used to grow MSCs. This is problematic as this can lead to transmission of animal disease contaminating the cells; similarly there is a growing shortage worldwide of suitable serum for this purpose. This technology provides the only growth medium to allow isolation and growth of MSCs without the need for serum, providing a revolutionary safe and effective method for their production in this fast growing multi-million Euro market.

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Wireless Power Supply Technology for Wearable Neurostimulator Products

This technology offers the potential for major improvement in implant technology as it removes the need for internal batteries. The novel solution provides power wirelessly to the implant via an external pulse generator. The user can control the power level externally, meaning they can increase or decrease the level of stimulation at any time based on what they require.

View the brochure here: Wireless Power Supply Technology for Wearable Neurostimulator Products brochure


Quality, accurate time synchronization over Wi-Fi networks is becoming increasingly important, particularly with the number of devices now accessing networks. Many time-sensitive applications experience problems with poor synchronisation. WiSync offers a solution to Wi-Fi chip vendors to overcome this, enabling higher synchronisation speeds. It is a high potential technology that has been proven to remedy a long lasting and well known issue.

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